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Clio Snacks

We Love Your Love

"Chocolaty on the outside, creamy on the inside. They seriously feel and taste just like little cheese cakes! I feel good knowing I'm eating something this delicious yet still healthy."

-Lisa D.

"I absolutely love Clio Snacks! When my sweet tooth strikes, I don’t have to sacrifice my cravings. I can enjoy a Clio Snack because it fits within my eating plan. I also don’t have to sacrifice on taste because Clio Snacks are amazing! I absolutely love them."

-Kiana D.

"Clio snacks are amazing! The greek yogurt in their bars has the consistency of cheesecake and is dipped in the most delicious chocolate! These bars are filled with protein but have very little sugar in them."

-Abbey L.

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Love What You Crave

Think creamy Greek yogurt wrapped in an indulgent coating, combining the nutritional benefits of Greek Yogurt (8g+ of protein & billions of probiotics) with the convenience of the bar.

A craveable treat without the guilt.

Somewhere in the yogurt or
refrigerated bar aisle
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Find a retailer near you.

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of Yogurt and Chocolate.



Own Your Happy

Clio’s story starts with our founder, Sergey’s dream to be an entrepreneur and find what truly makes him happy. One night, he noticed his kids were curious about a batch of strained Greek yogurt in the fridge. Where one parent might’ve seen a mess, Sergey saw a delicious opportunity.

Curiosity led to Clio and gave Sergey the chance to create his own bite of happy.


Pure deliciousness. Let's discuss.