Clio Snacks

Clio Yogurt Bars

All treat. No cheat.

Here's the situation. You're committed to eating well. But you're hungry for a treat, and you don't want to cheat.

CLIO believes in snacking clean without compromise.
It's all game, no shame.

Because why eat Greek yogurt, when you can eat Greek yogurt covered in dark chocolate? In other words, CLIO isn't a snack bar, it's a genius bar.

And if you're the type of person who'd eat anything covered in  dark chocolate, we can be friends.

Power Snack

8g+ of protein

Billions of probiotic CFUs

Snack Lust

6 indulgent flavors

Wrapped in dark chocolate

Cheesecake-like morsels

Not Guilty

Gluten free

Whole milk Greek yogurt with no rBST

15x less plastic packaging than a yogurt cup


No spoon? No problem.

Purse protein

Pure deliciousness. Let's discuss.