Clio Snacks

Here at Clio, we like to say we own our happy.


It all started with our founder Sergey, fearless inventor of Clio Snacks.

At the same time, he was just like any other dad trying to figure out fun ways to get his kids to eat nourishing foods.

As a Ukrainian immigrant and former accountant, Sergey had a dream to be an entrepreneur and find what truly made him happy.

One night, he noticed his kids were curious about a batch of strained Greek yogurt in the fridge. Where one parent might’ve seen a mess, Sergey saw a delicious opportunity.

Curiosity led us to an innovative idea that brought yogurt into the 21st century.

And Clio bars led us all running to refrigerated aisles everywhere.

That’s why at Clio, when you own your happy, it’s everything.

We believe in being curious about new ideas. Because messing with a good thing can only make it better.

It’s about not compromising. Because who says we can’t eat yogurt that tastes like cheesecake?

And it’s about living life that’s unapologetically you. Because doing things your own way is the only way.

So take it from us. If you stay true to you and follow your own lead, that’s the sweet spot where the happy happens.

And when it does, we’ll be right there with you. And we’ll pack snacks.

Pure deliciousness. Let's discuss.