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Clio Snacks

An Update On Our Online Pricing

Thank you for an amazing 2022! We value your love and support and want to be transparent every step of the way.

We are increasing the pricing of our Clio Original Bars to $22 and Parfait bars to $30. We tried every possible way to avoid this, but ultimately realized that this is inevitable due to increased costs we have seen across the board over the last year- including ingredients, packaging, labor and shipping costs associated with shipping refrigerated items.

With that said, please know that we are actively working on Clio’s availability in retail (including online retailers) to provide a more cost effective way to get product in your hands. We are in over 15,000 stores and are actively working on expansion. We will continue to keep you updated on new store availability in the coming months. In the meantime, make sure you are checking our store finder regularly to find Clio near you:

 To our current recurring order subscribers:

To allow you some time to think about what you want to do with your recurring subscription, we will be increasing your discount for the next couple months so that your total is closer to what you were paying before the price increase. The increase in the discount will automatically apply  but it does take a few days to activate so if your recurring order is placed in the next few days and the increased discount wasn’t applied, we will manually refund your order so your total matches  closer to what you were paying before the price increase. Starting March 1st, your discount will go back to 15% off the new pricing. Please note that this is only for the subscriptions that are currently active, and does not apply to any new subscriptions. If you need help updating your subscription, please feel free to reach out as we are always happy to help!

Once again, thank you for the support!


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