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Hi. We’re the type of people who like to eat yogurt with our hands.

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Our Bars

All treat. No cheat.

Here’s the situation: You’re committed to eating well. But you’re hungry for a treat, and you don’t want to cheat. Clio believes in snacking clean, without compromise. Because why eat Greek yogurt, when you can eat Greek yogurt covered in dark chocolate?

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As it turns out, you can buy happiness.

In all 6 flavors.

We love your love.

YES! I found these for the first time last year and fell in love. They're like a little bite of healthy cheesecake heaven. I can't wait to have more and tell everyone about them.

– @_thegratefulbanana

I just discovered your bars yesterday on a whim at Harris Teeter. It is incredible to me- you've created a healthy, already made, egg free chocolate covered cheesecake. For less than 150 calories. These are incredible.

– @learningandteachingblog

I've been obsessed with these little morsels of yogurt joy ever since I spotted them at my local deli a year ago!

– @onedayoneimage

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